Terms & Conditions

That the following Terms and Conditions apply at the time of print and are subject to change by the company, Time Express Swiss Couriers Limited, without prior notice.

The company is not a common carrier and will undertake shipments for conveyance on and subject to these Terms and Conditions. No agent of the company has the authority to vary, alter or waive any provisions of the contract in any respect.

In these conditions the terms: "we", "our", and "carrier" refer to, Time Express Swiss Couriers Limited. The terms: "customer", "you", and "your" refer to the shipper. The terms "package" and "shipment" refers to the item or items to be shipped.

The company undertakes the conveyance of any shipment on the basis that the customer irrevocably warrants that the following Terms and Conditions are fulfilled;

1 That the customer is the legal owner or acts with full authority of the legal owner of the goods to be conveyed.
2 That the package does not contain firearms, explosives or general weapons.
3 That the goods being shipped are not of a dangerous description, unless prior written agreement has been made with the company. Such agreement will provide that the customer shall declare on the consignment note a concise description of those goods determined as dangerous, the customer agrees to indemnify the carrier against all claims, cost and expenses however arising in respect of carriage and storage if the described goods.
4 That the goods for shipment are not of a nature that there possession in the United Kingdom and Switzerland is deemed illegal.
5 It is a requirement of the company that the shipper fulfills all requirements made by and abides by the rules and regulations of HM Customs & Excise.
6 The shipper will pay all invoices presented within 30 days from the date of invoice in accordance with our credit terms.
7 Failure to pay invoices within our credit terms will result in accounts being put on automated stop no matter how much is outstanding. /td>
8 In the event that the customer wishes to query the sum of a presented invoice, full payment of the invoice must be made and any subsequent agreement made for a reduction in charges will be in the form of a credit.
9 The carrier will not insure any goods for conveyance unless prior written agreement has been made and signed by the carrier and the shipper.
10 The carrier will not be liable for indirect loss or damage or for the loss of monies resulting or not from negligence of the carrier.
11 The carrier will not be liable for any claims, costs and expenses resulting or not from the carriers negligence.
12 The carrier will not be liable for delayed deliveries whether or not resulting from the carriers' negligence.
13 The company may consider claims for compensation when negligence of the company has been proved. Any such claim or compensation agreed will be at the sole discretion of the company and will be made without prejudice. Any such procedure will not affect your statutory rights.
14 When the company is unable to deliver the shipment, attempts will be made to contact the shipper. After a period of six months, and if the package still remains undelivered the goods may be sold by the company to recover the cost of storage.
15 Carriers Lien, the carrier shall have a general lien on any consignment for its charges for the carriage or storage. If monies due are not paid, sale of the goods will be arranged, the sum being raised used to cover the companies' costs.
16 All goods with an invoice value under 1867 will travel on a bulk export entry. To obtain the proof of export for these consignments you must visit www.timexswiss.com and print off a proof of delivery. This must be done within three months of the delivery date as records older than three months are archived. This is the only proof of export we offer for low value goods.