Standard Service

General Information

  • 90% of our deliveries are made on a same-day basis
  • 10% are delivered next day (These are mainly to Alpine Areas and Ski Resorts)
  • All deliveries are made on your own paperwork
  • Proof of Deliveries available on the same day of delivery
  • For prices and transit times please see our Tariff and Zip code guide.
Day Cut Off Office Hours
Sunday 14:00 12:00 noon to 15:00 p.m.
Monday 02:00 Tuesday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 a.m. (Tuesday morning)
Tuesday 02:00 Wednesday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 a.m. (Wednesday morning)
Wednesday 02:00 Thursday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 a.m. (Thursday morning)
Thursday 02:00 Friday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 a.m. (Friday morning)
Friday 02:00 Saturday 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 a.m. (Saturday morning)
Saturday 12:00 0800 a.m. to 12:00 noon (Saturday)

Timed Deliveries

We have various options on timed deliveries. These include 9am, AM, Saturday and Same-day Deliveries.

AM and Saturday deliveries need to be dropped into us by our standard cut-off times (Except Zip codes beginning 69).

We need 0900 and Same-day deliveries at various different times depending on where the destination is, what airport it has to depart from and what service is required so please call us beforehand.


Air and Road Freight

Air Freight

  • Air Freight consignments incur Airline Handling, Security, Fuel, Customs Clearance
  • Consignments are quoted on request.
  • For a quotation please advise the dead weight, dimensions and delivery point.
  • Volume conversion: H (cm) x L (cm) X W (cm) divided by 6000
  • Delivery is usually made within 2/3 working days

Road Freight

  • Road Freight consignments incur Customs Clearance charges
  • Consignments are quoted on request
  • For a quotation please advise the dead weight, dimensions and delivery point.
  • Volume conversion: H (cm) x L (cm) X W (cm) divided by 3000
  • Delivery is usually made within 5 working days from collection.

Special Drives to Switzerland

For time sensitive large consignments, we can drive them directly from your door to the consignee.

  • We can provide Mercedes Sprinters and 7.5 tonne lorries.
  • We would normally collect from you within 2/3 hours and get delivery by lunchtime on the following day.
  • Prices and availability are on request at the time of enquiry.


To make a collection we need to be pre-alerted with the following information:

  • Collection Address in Switzerland
  • Contact Name
  • Telephone Number

We also need to know the address on the package or the company who we are collecting on behalf of.

There are various options depending on urgency and budget so please call for quotes on imports

Our import charges are generally made up from the cost of Collection, Freight, Airline Handling, Security, Fuel and Customs Clearance.

Temporary Exports

A temporary export allows the consignee to import a consignment into Switzerland for a period of up to six months without having to pay any Duty and Vat on it.

By Swiss Law, WE have to pay the Duty and Vat in deposit when the customs entry is made. We must clearly be pre-alerted with the HAWB and Invoice. The HAWB must be clearly marked "TEMPORARY EXPORT".

The cost for this service is Tariff + *£65.00

If the goods are re-exported without our knowledge (or not re-exported within six months), the temporary import clearance will be exhausted and the import will become permanent. We would then be unable to get our deposited Duty and Vat back. In these cases the Duty and Vat charges will be forwarded onto you to pass on to your customer.

We can only clear goods on a temporary basis if they are identifiable by serial Numbers (ie.Electrical Equipment)

Special Services


An EUR1 enables the consignee in Switzerland to have a reduction in the amount of Duty they have to pay on goods originating from the EC. In some cases (and depending on the commodity code) it may even allow duty free status. The EUR1 must be completed by the owner of the goods and it has to leave the UK with a customs stamp on it. If an EUR1 comes into us un-stamped, we will charge £35.00 for getting it stamped at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce.

We must have the form with us by 14:00 to guarantee same day stamping.


Carnets allow free entry into and out of Switzerland.

They must fly on their own MASTER and we charge £120.00 + Tariff for this service.

The Carnet must be completed by the shipper and have all the relevant boxes filled in. We will lodge any carnet consignment on the next available flight. Once the freight is lodged, we have to drop the carnet round to Customs House. We then have to wait for permission to progress. Once that permission has been granted, we will then collect it and deliver it into the airline.

To keep the carnet safe, our offices in Switzerland hold onto it and only deliver the freight. We will deliver the carnet only if we are told to in writing beforehand.

Cash on Delivery Shipments (COD)

We will collect the cash for the delivery and goods from the consignee on your behalf.

We must be pre-alerted and instructed how much money we are to collect. You then have to invoice us for the agreed amount and we will keep the money collected. We will need a contact name and telephone number for someone at the consignees address.

The cost for this is £25.00 + tariff.

Dry Ice Shipments & Biological Substances (UN3373)

Dry Ice shipments need to be pre-alerted prior to delivery into us.

They need to be delivered into us in an appropriate box which has the following information on it:

  • A "miscellaneous" diamond sticker.
  • A label showing the amount of dry Ice inside the box.
  • Label showing its UN Number (1845)
  • The full name and address of the actual sender (the owner) of the goods

Shipments must be accompanied with a commercial invoice.

There will be an extra charge of £35.00 + tariff.

Hazardous and Dangerous Goods Shipments

All Dangerous goods must be pre-alerted with the following information prior to delivery into us:

  • UN number
  • Packing Group
  • Packing Instruction
  • Class Number
  • Net quantity

We will then advise if it is OK to send the goods on a Passenger Aircraft.

When the freight is delivered into us it must be professionally packed, have a Dangerous Goods certificate and a commercial Invoice accompanying it.

Dangerous goods have to travel on their own MAWB and we charge Tariff + £120.00 for this service.

Inward Processing Relief (IPR)

Inward Processing Relief (IPR) is a method of obtaining relief from Customs duties and VAT charges. The relief applies to goods imported from outside the EU, processed and exported to countries outside the EU. IPR provides relief to promote exports from the EU and assist EU companies to compete on an equal footing in the world market.The processing allowed under IPR can be anything from repacking or sorting goods to the most complicated manufacturing. If a company therefore manufacture, process or repair goods obtained outside the EU and export the finished product they can save the Customs duty and VAT normally payable at import.

Outward Processing Relief (OPR)

Outward Processing Relief (OPR) is a method of obtaining relief from Customs duty. The relief applies to goods imported from non-EU countries which have been produced from previously exported EU goods. OPR enables companies to take advantage of cheaper labour costs outside the EU, while encouraging the use of EU produced raw materials to manufacture the finished goods. Goods may also be temporarily exported to undergo processes not available within the EU. The procedure also enables faulty goods to be returned to a non-EU country for repair, or for replacement with equivalent goods under the Standard Exchange System (SES).

IPR/OPR consignments will be exported on a separate MAWB.

We charge £85.00 + Tariff for this service.