Customs Procedures

Duty and VAT

Switzerland is not in the European Community (EU). A customs entry has to be prepared for each dutiable shipment entering the country.

How Much VAT Does The Consignee Have To Pay?

  • VAT is charged at 8 % of the market value of all goods entering Switzerland.
  • The market value is the production costs or the sales price of the goods.
  • VAT is applicable on all shipments entering Switzerland.

How much duty does the consignee have to pay?

The amount of duty payable is based on the weight of the shipment and not the production cost or sales price of the shipment.

Customs procedures for deliveries going to Companies.

Consignments that are for Swiss vat-registered companies (which is around 95% of all of our deliveries) are cleared on our own deferment and the consignee is billed the Duty & Vat at a later date. (When we have the official paperwork from customs).

Customs procedures for deliveries to Private Individuals.

Any packages that we have for private individuals are dealt with differently:
We inform the consignee that they have a package in Customs and that they have Duty & Vat to pay. We then arrange to collect the money on delivery of their package. This can cause delays.

Customs procedures for deliveries to hotels and exhibitions.

ALL deliveries to hotels and exhibitions are automatically made FREE DOMICILE.

Most of these deliveries are going to non-Swiss residents, mainly people who are either on a short trip to Switzerland or are exhibiting goods. We cannot pay the Duty and Vat upfront and invoice later, because on most occasions the consignees will have left the country again by the time we can invoice. We cannot inform the guest/exhibitor that they have duty & vat to pay and arrange to collect money on delivery of package as Swiss Law states that we have to provide a copy of the customs entry and this can take 3-5 days to come through.

These deliveries are usually urgent and the only way we can deliver them quickly is to make them FREE DOMICILE. The only exception to this rule is if the hotel actually purchased the goods for their use.